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  • About us
    Litefront is the leading manufacturer of all-glass balustrades – with an overwhelming passion for perfect views and a deep understanding of technology and architecture. Our central development and manufacturing facility is in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. We attach great importance to providing local service to our customers and to being available to them on-site. However, we also have a strong network of distribution partners that provides us with a significant presence in the rest of Switzerland and in other countries. Every year, thousands of metres of Litefront all-glass balustrades are included within a multiplicity of projects.
  • The Litefront brand
    The Litefront brand is synonymous with the highest standards of quality and design. We strive to be transparent, aesthetically pleasing and completely safe. Providing top-level service really matters to us when it comes to workmanship and assembly. We work efficiently, we have a wide variety of assembly ideas and we take a proactive and professional approach to allowing for construction tolerances.
  • History
    Litefront was developed in 2010 by the makers of Sky-Frame. Litefront’s installation technology is still without rival and has quickly afforded the company a major share of the market for all-glass balustrades. The company launched an adaptation of the flat-surface glass retainer profile in 2014. Two years later, its newly developed railings provided a logical extension to the company’s range of products. Projects such as the Fiore di pietra building on Monte Generoso and Antwerp Zoo’s Skywalk are just some of the significant milestones in the company’s progression.
CEO and Owner
Product Manager Litefront

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